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By Links 4 Dorset, Aug 20 2013 12:37PM

How do you decide which marketing approach to take?

If you are a small business, it can be a minefield on what approach to take. Should you opt for designing and printing flyers or should you look at social media or perhaps even a telesales campaign?

There are many different options for you to take and what might work for one business may not for another. The art is find out what works for you! A lot will depend on your budget, your target audience, your skills and more often than not, your time. Do you have skills in house or should you outsource? There is a lot to consider.

Its worth the time sitting down to create a marketing strategy from the beginning. You will save a lot of time and money doing this from the outset.

By Links 4 Dorset, Jan 16 2013 09:58PM

Most businesses realise that they need to backup their data, however how many actually do it frequently enough., do you?

Data loss costs businesses thousands of pounds every year. For a small business if there is a corrupt or failed server, the business may take several hours to get back up and running again.

Data loss is something that you hope will not happen. Some of the reasons it may occur are because of a member of staff has hit the delete key or your server has corrupt. Until it happens and costs your business money, it may be a subject that you have not given enough thought, but you shouldn't wait!

Proven Backup provide a solution for small business to backup their data. Software is installed on your desktop/laptop or server and a schedule is set to take automatic backups as much as every 15 minutes. Take a look at their website to view all of the options available.

By Links 4 Dorset, Jul 24 2012 03:33PM

Social media in the form of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are increasingly becoming an important way to market your business. Small businesses across Dorset are struggling to know where to start! If you are not sure how to set up Twitter for your business, then Links 4 Dorset can help.

So how do you get started with Twitter? Well, registering for an account is easy, its just a matter of putting in your email address and creating a user name. Next step is to set up your profile. You will need to add in your logo or image if prefered. Remember to use something that is clear and stands out bearing in mind its pretty small! You can also add in a description about your business, a link to your website and information about where you are located.

Then, you need to start following people or businesses that are relevant to you. This could be competitors, partners, associates and potential customers.

The next part is to start tweeting! The art is to be creative and get the right balance of providing information about your business and interacting with others. You will not get many followers if every post you make is sales related!

For more help and other tips, give us a call to arrange a short consultancy session.

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