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How to write a business plan

By Links 4 Dorset, Jun 11 2012 08:44PM

There are many different templates available on-line to help you write a business plan. Most of them have a similar structure to work towards - so it's that simple, right! If only this was the case!

It's not just about answering a few questions and filling in the boxes, it's about providing a structure and showing that you have a clear set of objectives and business direction, especially if your business plan is being used to obtain finance from the bank.

When you start a business there is a lot to do, however it's important that you write your business plan properly and spend time doing it even if you arn't using it to raise funds. It will help you focus your mind and energy on what you need to achieve. Here are some of our key points to consider in your plan:

Executive Summary


Business Description

Legal Requirements

Management Structure

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Plan

Pricing and Sales Targets


Operational Requirements

For help on structuring your business plan, view our website or give us a call to talk about your business plan.

Business Plan
Business Plan
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