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Make the most out of your working day!

By Links 4 Dorset, Apr 24 2012 10:42AM

We all know that owning or running a small business takes up a lot of your time. Working in the evening and at weekends can become a habit. The art is to make the most of your working week so that you can enjoy the weekend and have a good work-life balance. Easier said than done, I hear you say! Well, here are some tips to make the most out of your day.....

Plan your day the night before - It genuinely does make a difference. It gives you a focus of what needs doing and sets your objectives to work towards. Write a list of what you need to complete for you to refer to.

Prioritise your list - You have made your list the night before, but you know you are not going to get it all done. Look at what is important and highlight these areas to get through. Perhaps set yourself a target of finishing five of the jobs on your list that day.

Procrastination - Stick to your tasks in hand and don't waste time. So much time is spent wasted, this could be talking to your colleagues, searching on the internet or thinking too much about getting started! All of this time wasted adds extra pressure and might impact on evenings and weekends.

Sounds easy? Well we all know what we need to do, we just need reminding from time to time!

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