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Having a recognisable image that represents your business will attract customers to your product or service. Your brand is a way of communicating your message with your customers and creating your own personality.


Links 4 Dorset consultants can help your business with the design and creation of your logo, letterheads, business cards and email/mail templates. We have design and printing packages available at an affordable cost to help get you started.

If you are looking at starting a business and need help creating your brand or designing your logo, contact us on 07919 488503 to discuss further.

1. Keep it simple ..

A simple logo design is something that can be easily recognisable. It needs to be clear and readable and straight to the point.

2. Make it memorable ..

Your logo may include an unusual or memorable shape, picture or style of writing. The aim is for your customers to recognise it quickly and eventually come to associate it with your product or service. Think of the logos that are memorable to you, why are they memorable?

3. Make it versatile ..

When starting out you often think about your logo being used on your business cards and on your website, however as your business develops you will use your logo in various different places, in different formats and at different sizes. You logo needs to look good across them all. One question to ask yourself, does your logo look good in black and white?

4. Make it appropriate ..

Think about the service or product you are offering and make sure the style of your logo represents the style of your business. Fancy lettering or a fun picture may not be appropriate if you are trying to portray a formal image.


Every business needs a logo, but what makes a good logo? Here are our top 4 tips of making a good logo:

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