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Technology is ever changing. Having the right systems in place to suit your business needs provides the foundation for the rest of the company to operative effectively.


When starting up some of the basic tools you need are a computer, laptop or tablet, a server or some other method of data storage, backup facilities and applications to run your business such as email and word processing software.


Every business is different and the best approach will differ depending on your needs. Here is a bit more information on the key areas:


There is no doubt that you need at least one form of computer equipment to run your business. It may be a desktop, a laptop or perhaps a tablet. The best option will depend on the type of business you are running, where you are running it from and if you need to access information remotely.


In order to communicate with your customers and suppliers you will also need broadband. There are business packages available, we can advise on the best approach for you.


Then there is also equipment such as printers to consider. Choosing the right equipment can be tricky. We can help you make the most out of your budget.




Computer Equipment



Making sure you business data is accessible and stored safely is important.


Depending on the size of data you are using and what your business is will depend on whether you need a server to store your information. With cloud technology increasingly available, it may be that storing your data using a cloud solution is the best approach.


Backup of your data is vital. If you lost customer records or all your invoices, what would the cost to your business be? Backup solutions include external hard drives, servers, cloud backup, automatic backup software and much more.

The use of email and the ability to access email remotely has changed the the way we communicate.


So what is the best way to set it up for your business? Your email needs to be hosted, this could be the same hosting company as your website. You could also use Microsoft, Google or other similar mail services.


Applications to help run your business are useful, there are many different tools available to assist you. We can advise on some of the best options for small business. This could be anything from email marketing software, online project management tools or accounting software.


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For more information about how to setup IT within your business, contact us.